Hello Jarvis

Jarvis is a Messenger bot you won't be able to live without. Set and forget your reminders and he will message you your reminders at the right time. Jarvis employs state of the art natural language processing and artificial intelligence to understand your requests. He can understand reminders such as:

  • “Remind me to go to the gym at 8am tomorrow”
  • “Hey Jarvis, remind me to take out the trash next Tuesday”
  • “hey, remind me to book flight tickets tomorrow at 5pm”

The best part of Jarvis is that he lives on Facebook Messenger, so setting and getting reminders is frictionless.

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Explosive Growth

Since Jarvis launched last week, nearly 10,000 users messaged him and cumulatively set almost 16,000 reminders.

Media Contact

Lawrence Wu

Press Kit
You can download the press kit for Jarvis here.